So about us:

– Nastja –

I’m a traveller, nature lover and foodie by heart. Finished my degree in ecology and nature conservation, so my trips are a lot about national parks and just seeing wildlife in general. Even though my stomach is pretty gentle kind I love to try new things, but Daniel is going to be the one trying all crazy food there is. I’ve always loved to travel alone on a budget, meeting all the locals and travellers. But then I met Daniel and I got a new partner in crime. Everything else is a history!

– Daniel –

I’m a chef by profession, but traveller by heart. I didn’t discover my love for travelling until I met Nastja. She introduced me to adventures of travelling off the beaten path. Enjoying every second of being in different country and culture, I don’t want to stop travelling. Exploring local cuisine is always a big plus.


We are gonna promote our motherland Slovenia a lot. It’s getting very popular so you should come and explore it before it gets spoiled!


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