Why Cuba?

Cuba, oh Cuba. My dream destination ever since I first saw movie called Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. When I saw how they dance and move, how beautiful Havana is and all those old cars. Huh, i had my heart set on Cuba for a long time and once I moved to Canada with Daniel all I had in my head is, WE GOTTA GO TO CUBA!!!


Some time in December I started looking for tickets and finally on 13th of January I booked tickets. Yeeey! First I wanted to go for a month, but at the end I had to agree with 2 and a half weeks. I was so excited and also Daniel got excited as soon as I showed him some photos of it.

Our dates for Cuba were 24th of February till 13th of March. We flew from Vancouver to Toronto and then from Toronto to Varadero and the same way back home. It’s funny that actually it takes longer to fly from Vancouver to Toronto, then from Toronto to Varadero!

After I booked tickets it was time for planning!


Viva la Cuba!


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