What is Sanya Romance Park?

“What is Sanya Romance Park?”, was first thing that popped up in my head when i saw this on itinerary. None of my fellow travelers knew it either. I guess I could Google, but oh well I didn’t!

All I can say – THE BEST SPOT in SANYA!!! We all had so much fun! We didn’t even know what it is so our expectations were low, but oh man it was the best attraction in Sanya for all of us!


Let me start at the beginning!

Sanya Romance Park or longer Sanya Qianguqing Scenic Spot, it’s we could say kind of themed park. Like waterpark/ zoo/ theater/ market/ cultural centre combined! To go more into details, park features Sanya’s Tianya culture, Li and Miao culture, and unique folk culture. It includes 10 themed zones, such as Yazhou ancient city, Elephant Valley, and the Li & Miao village cultural experience area. Just so many different things at the same place!

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But nothing, really nothing can compare to their show at Sanya Qianguqing Grand Theater! We got to the theater without any high hopes, but once it started we were left speechless. Actors/ dancers made everything look so realistic, the fighting scenes and also love scenes, you actually believed they were stabbing and killing each other it was so realistic. They are great actors, much better than most of the hollywood actors I would say! In the show you got everything from acting, dancing, circus, jet skiing, fly boarding, boating, acrobatics, …

It just never ended! Sometimes you didn’t even know which way to look cause sometimes you were looking to the stage in front of you, but people just came swinging from the back of the theater to the stage or chairs just started moving at some point! Whenever I talk about it I just get so excited and of course I can’t stop talking! Hehe, sorry about that, but it was just so good!!

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Current pricing is:

  • VIP Ticket costs CNY480/person, no discount for any guest.
  • Normal Standard Ticket costs CNY280/person
  • Group rate CNY260/person, (min 8 persons/group)
  • Child less than 1.2 meters get free entrance with adult, but no seat for child.


I really recommend this attraction to anyone and everyone in the area! Trust me you won’t regret it!!

Here you can also check a short video from the show

Stay tuned for more! 


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