Varadero – White sand for miles

Varadero was first mentioned in 1555, but the city itself was founded in December 1887, after 10 families from Cardenas built their vacation homes here. Nowadays it’s most know as one of the biggest resort cities in whole Caribbean. White sandy beach stretches for more then 20 kilometres. First tourists started arriving already in the late 19th century. First it was known as elite resort, but nowadays it’s accessible to most of the people. Most of the tourists come from Europe and Canada, and now since US and Cuba have good relations again, number of US tourist is gonna rise fast.


It’s super easy to get around Varadero, transportation is good and also it’s so easy to get orientated. Easy orientation is thanks to names of the streets, Main street into the city is Autopista Sur, then parallel to this one there is Avenida Tercera, Avenida Segunda and Avenida Primera, and then vertical to those streets there are streets named Calle 1, Calle 2, Calle 3 and so on… The furthest into resort area we made it was Calle 62, where the club Calle 62 is. Resort area starts shortly after it,


Varadero was our last stop so we didn’t care about doing and seeing things, we just wanted relax before returning to back to work and cold weather. We found casa super close to sea, only like 30 meters away, on Avenia Primera and Calle 41. Casa Mayra, very nice room, new bathroom and close to the beach. Very nice casa.

So we spent last days in Cuba relaxing on the beach and enjoying food and rum. Also one night we went out clubbing. We meet our friends from Germany just randomly on the street and we decided to go to The Beatles bar and then to Calle 62. Also friends from Netherlands joined us. The Beatles bar was full of tourist from resorts, super busy , but good live music. Next stop was Calle 62, which is club with live music and a lot of dancing. The day we were there they had different dance shows from local dancing school, it was amazing, people dance everywhere, even on the street next to it. There are drinks, food, anything you want. We were hanging out and dancing with some locals, I got a chance to dance a lot of salsa with locals that night and I was super happy about it!

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And food wise, I loved pizza at Paladar Nonna Tina, you really have to try it! Amazing, amazing pizza and pasta! But I was super disappointed with La Bodeguita Del Medio, but they have live music and it’s great environment.

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To get around the city you can take double-decker bus, Coco taxi, old cars taxi, horse carriage, rent a bike or just walk.

As i said before, we spent most of our time on the beach, it was just 30 meters from our casa. Good thing about being so far from resorts is that you don’t get a feeling that it’s crowded. We could always find shade, sometimes we were the only ones on the beach. It was great! usually you hear, don’t go to Varadero it’s too touristy, but don’t listen to that! We loved it! Crystal blue water, clean beach, shade for everyone, only thing I was missing was bar or restaurant on the beach, you couldn’t find anything like that, but there was store nearby so you could get cold drinks whenever you wanted!

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And this is what happened, Daniel and Eric threw big rock on top of the palm trying to get coconut down, next thing you know Daniel climbed up and got the rock down plus three coconuts! Yeeey! My boyfriend can take care of us if we shipwreck somewhere on tropical island. It was dangerous, but at the end we got the coconuts we craved for! Thank you Daniel!

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There is also a lot to do around Varadero and it’s surrounding that we don’t even know cause we didn’t had time. But I recommend you to google it and explore the options a bit!

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Bye Bye Cuba! See you next time!

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