Traditional Slovenian Dried Flatbread Recipe

traditional Slovenian dried flatbread

Mlinci are traditional Slovenian dried flatbread that we usually eat for Saint Martin’s day. This is the day when must (young wine) becomes wine and we have a big feast and a lot of celebrations.

Now feast usually consists of roasted goose or duck, red cabbage with apple and mlinci – traditional Slovenian dried flatbread. Of course, there are variations of this feast, it depends of the area or the family. At my home, we usually roast a chicken instead of goose/duck and we add apples to it while we roast it. You get the best sauce out of this to pour over mlinci. Some people also cook chestnuts for this feast.

But let us get down to business. Here is my recipe for homemade traditional Slovenian dried flatbread called mlinci.

Traditional Slovenian Dried Flatbread – Mlinci


500g BIO wheat flour from Vila Natura

2 egg yolks

1 tbs BIO sunflower oil from Vila Natura

1-2 dcl lukewarm water


Warm the oven to 200°C ( 392F)

First sift the flour, add salt, oil and some water. Mix everything together and keep adding water slowly until you get a good consistency. Knead the dough for about 10 minutes that you get a nice stretchy and shiny dough. When you can pull it between your hands and it doesn’t break it’s ready.

Now you divided it into smaller pieces and you roll them out on a floured surface so that it doesn’t stick. You can cut them into the desired shape now or, you can already start this process with forming small balls and then roll them out to desired shape. They should be about 1-2mm thick or as thick as a knife blade.

We prepare trays with baking paper and move the rolled out dough on them. If we want more bubbles on the dough once it’s baking we just splash some water before we start baking it.

It should take you about 7-9 minutes to bake them or just take them out once they get brown at some spots. You do not have to flip them while they are baking. The bottom side is always a little lighter.

Once they are baked, you can use them right away, or cool them down and store them for next time.

Now before we eat them, we just pour boiling water over them, put some salt in it, leave it for about 10-15 minutes that they soak up.

We usually serve them as a side dish with some meat or put some sauce over it. My favorite way is to eat it with roasted chicken + apples and then pour that sauce with crushed baked apples over it.

Let me know if you use this recipe for traditional Slovenian dried flatbread – Mlinci!

I would love to hear your opinion.


traditional Slovenian dried flatbread traditional Slovenian dried flatbread

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