Traditional Dödoli Recipe

traditional dodoli

Traditional dödoli or as my husband would say it – Gnocchi for lazy people, is a very traditional food from my region of Slovenia. To be honest, I did not eat them until just a few years ago. They are pretty sticky so I just couldn’t get past the feeling that they were sticking to my teeth. But nowadays I love them, especially when they are pan-seared. Mmmm, and then covered in a creamy sauce. Yep, I could eat them right now!

Now every housewife has its own way of making traditional dödoli. At our house, my grandma is the master. There is not really a strict recipe that you have to follow, but you mostly work by the feeling. If you think it needs more flour, you just add more of it and the same with water. So you just keep adjusting until you are happy with the consistency.

So the basic recipe is:

5-6 Middle size potatoes

Around 400g of BIO wheat flour from Vila Natura


and for the creamy sauce:

BIO Sunflower oil from Vila Natura

Sour cream 


BIO Pumpkin seeds from Vila Natura

Peel the potatoes and cut them to medium size pieces. Pour water over them. Water should be about two fingers higher. Put salt in the water and cook potatoes for so long that they are a bit overcooked. Sprinkle some flour over them and make a hole in the middle of the pot. Let everything cook for about 15 minutes. Then pour some of the water in a bowl and save it just in case if you will need to add some later on. Now start to mash everything together until there are no small lumps of potatoes or flour. If you need to add the water, add the one you saved before, or if you need to add more flour.

Now, this is it. You made traditional dödoli. My favorite way to eat them is to cover them in creamy onion sauce. But first I pan-sear them to give them beautiful crust.

As for the sauce. Just put some oil(usually we use lard) to a pan, warm it up and add some onion. Fry it up, then add sour cream until it becomes creamy. Pour it over pan-seared traditional dödoli and for the cherry on the top add some roasted pumpkin seeds. With this, we also usually eat a big bowl of green salad with pumpkin seed oil.


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