Pros & cons of Havana

So Cuba was my dream destination and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. In next few sentences I’m going to explain you why. But that totally my opinion so I’m just try to tell you how it was for me. I’m gonna start with positive things and then with things that bothered me.

First to start of I really like old colonial architecture of the city, all plazas and parks. My all time favorite for sure were old cars, I just had to take photo of every single one of them. I really just had to! They come in all colors, pinky,yellow, bright green, blue, any color you can imagine.


Before we left to Cuba, all we heard and read about food was bad, everyone was like food was terrible, you are not gonna enjoy any food. Boy they were wrong. We always had such an amazing food. For three weeks I only eat lobsters and shrimps, my favorite anyways so i was more than happy. Only thing I missed it was more vegetables. They really don’t have much vegetables. Daniel love rice with black beans and so did I. Really good dish they have it also called Ropa vieja, which means old clothes, but don’t get deceived by name it is really delicious. For sure the best place we had dinner in Havana was Paladar Dona Eutemia, if you want to go there for dinner or lunch you should make reservation up front. It’s always fully booked. It’s just few meters away from main Cathedral. You are not gonna regret eating there and it’s reasonably priced. So enough about food, we definitely loved food!


Now let’s talk about good beers and rum! As everyone know rum is national drink of Cuba, and oh man we had a lot of it everyday. Mojito, Cuba Libre, Daiquiri or just straight shot. And bottle of rum is so cheap, from 3-9CUC for different brands and sizes. Good price for sure!

And we always drank beers too. We usually got Bucanero or Cristal, those are the most popular ones and we really liked them too.

Also cigarettes are pretty cheap there. Just to let all the smokers know.

We also loved live Cuban music. All that salsa, so good! Perfect for spending night out with Mojito inyour hand and live music right in front of you. And whoever is playing it’s always so good, I’ve never heard any bad Cuban music, i guess everyone there knows how to sing and play instruments.


Ok now I’m gonna say what I didn’t like.

When we were there Havana was all dug up. So many streets were dug up, there was no light usually so you really had to be careful to not fell into some hole. It was just a lot of renovations going on everywhere. Some people said it was probably because Obama came there just 2weeks after we left.

Also it was very dirty and smelly, like seriously smelly. There was a lot of horse shit on streets too and everyone was just throwing everything on the floor/street.

And then it comes down to guys whistling behind girls and always looking them in the ass. I just couldn’t get over it that it was happening like non stop. No matter that I was with my boyfriend, holding hands or not, it always happened. not only young guys tho, even like 80year old man was whistling and looking me in the ass and saying some things. I just wasn’t used to that so I got super annoyed by it all the time, while Daniel was laughing. I just felt violated by all the whistling and all the looks. But now I know for next time and i’m not gonna let that to effect my holidays.

Also we were super surprised that everything closed so fast, especially in Old Havana. Everything closed at 10pm or even before. Only place in Old Havana with live music that was open till 11pm was Cafe Paris. We usually ended up going there at the end. Either we sat at the actual Cafe or there was a bench next to it and we just sat down there with bottle of rum and cigar.

And less but not least we found Havana really expensive. Everything except rum was expensive.


So this is briefly what I thought about Havana! It is still super beautiful city, I was just a little dissapointed. I really had high expectations since Cuba was my dream destination!

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