Prometheus Cave near Kutaisi – Things You Should Know

Well Slovenia is definitely country of caves, we have tons of them. Magnificent ones too. Part of Slovenia is karstic land, named simply Slovenian Karst, and now this word is used worldwide for areas like this. So when talking about caves, Slovenia is very important and high on the list. But lets talk about beautiful Prometheus Cave near Kutaisi, Georgia.

I saw many caves so far so my expectations weren’t too high. But my friend was totally overwhelmed by them so I decided to give it a go. 

Prometheus Cave

Located in Imereti region, Prometheus Cave was discovered back in 1984. Other name for this cave is Kumistavi cave, but most of people use name Prometheus. It’s about 20km away from Kutaisi city in Kumistavi village. 

Prometheus Cave is much bigger than what tourist can visit. What we (tourists) can visit is 1400m long cave with 16 halls. There are sections with really impressive stalactites, stalagmites, cave pearls, curtains, even rivers and lakes. Throughout the cave there are colorful lights, ranging from orange, red to pink and blue. Very colorful. But at places there is very dark and slippery so be careful. 

Inside Prometheus Cave it’s nice, refreshing 14°C, much appreciated in summer months. Our guide spoke first in Georgian and after in English. On our walk we stopped 3 times at different impressive halls. She mentioned that concentration of oxygen is high so it’s perfect for people with respiratory problems, as well for everyone in general.

So at the beginning you can pay entrance fee only, or boat ride as well. Boat ride takes only few minutes and 280m all together. I didn’t think it’s worth it so we skipped this part. You end up outside at the same place as otherwise, where you take bus back to entrance to the cave.

Cave itself was officially opened for tourist in 2011. Prometheus Cave is also declared as a natural monument, and it’s one of top Georgian attractions!

Let’s talk about how to reach it, how much it costs etc.

We had private driver cause we did quick day trip to multiple places. So we payed 80 GEL for driver to go to Gelati Monastery, Motsameta monastery, Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon. It seemed like a fair price. 

You could also catch Marshrutka #30 from Kutaisi’s Tsiteli Khidi (Red Bridge), all the way to Tskaltubo – this should cost around 1 GEL, and it takes aproximately 30minutes. From there take Marshrutka #42 to Prometheus Cave – this should cost 1.5 GEL, and it takes about 20 minutes.


While searching for informations about Prometheus Cave on internet I found that price should be 7GEL. What a lie! I have no idea when they changed it, but it’s much more then that.

Price listed in most blogs/articles is 7GEL for entrance and 7gel for boat ride. Truth is they raised a price, by three times. I understand rising a price, but it was a big surprise as I can imagine for everyone that got wrong information.

So actual price now is 20GEL for entrance and 15GEL for boat ride, for foreigners. There is discount for students, but unfortunately I can’t remember. Also for Georgians is much cheaper, 15GEL for entrance and 10GEL for boat ride.

BEWARE – Prometheus Cave is closed on Mondays!


I’ve seen my fair share of caves around the world and I think Prometheus Cave is worth to see. It’s ridiculous that they raised price by 3times, so you might be shocked once you get there. But at the end of the day it’s still manageable, just don’t take boat ride. Not worth it, better to do it in some other cave in the world. 

Also lights in the caves are good, sometimes at least. Red and pink light makes it very hard to take a good photo. While on the other hand blue, green and orange light makes it pretty cool.

Let me know if you like the cave!


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  1. Anna says: Reply

    Hello!!! Yes, I loved the cave!!

    1. admin says: Reply

      Me too. It was quite impressive.

  2. Aira says: Reply

    Hi Nastja,

    I saw your blogs about the trip to georgia. My fiance and I are traveling to georgia this weekend, and we are planning to make our DIY tours to Kutaisi, same like your itinerary. I was wondering where did you find your driver, because we are planning to do the same. hope you would get back to me.


    1. admin says: Reply

      Hello. Nice to hear that. I’m sure you will love it. We just asked at our accommodation and they got us some driver. Don’t have any contact from him tho and he spoke only Russian.

  3. Hello great info! I visited promethous cave as well, just a few months ago! It’s still an amazing experience, also write a little about it on my blog.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi! Thank you. Yes it’s pretty cool and worth a visit!

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