Powerscourt House & Gardens – Where Fairytales Come True

You know how you always search photos of the country you are visiting? And of course of the sights you should see? Well Powerscourt House & Gardens are definitely one of top sights of Ireland. You could definitely say that it looks straight like from fairytale.

So let’s talk about beautiful

Powerscourt House & Gardens

First stop on our Ireland trip was Powerscourt Estate, less than 1 hour from Dublin’s Airport. I’ve never been to estate like this. It’s massive and so majestic. It consists of Powerscourt House & Gardens and two championship golf courses. Also not too far away you can find Powerscourt Waterfall. Highest waterfall in Ireland with 121m and only 6km from Main Estate. 

Powerscourt House & Gardens definitely deserve few hours of your time. Powerscourt Gardens being voted No. 3 in the World’s Top Ten Gardens by National Geographic. This tranquil oasis stretches over 47 acres and it consists of several different types of gardens. Such as The Walled Gardes, The Japanese Gardens, The Italian Garden, Pets Cemetery and Pepperpot Tower. There is also a beautiful big pond in the centre of Powerscourt Gardens from where you have perfect view of Powerscourt House.

You can definitely see how much effort goes into making this place one of top tourist attractions. Powerscourt House was even voted one of Top Ten Houses and Mansions Worldwide by the Lonely Planet Guide. From The House you have breathtaking views of Sugarloaf Mountain and you can enjoy all that while enjoying your coffee and dessert in Avoca terrace Café. Inside Powerscourt House you can also find Avoca Store. I have to admit something. I’ve never seen better, nicer, more amazing shop before in my life. I love every single thing in that shop. You definitely have to stop there and get something for yourself.

On the way to the carpark you can find Powerscourt Garden Pavilion. Here you can find huge variety of plants and outdoor esentials.

Beside all this, you can also visit Tara’s Palace. Beautiful and historic handcrafted doll house. Reputably one of the greatest in the world. But there is even more of them in the museum, whole collection of them. So if you travel with kids, don’t forget to take them there.

And after all this you can stay at majestic 5- star Powerscourt Hotel. Of course if you have deep pockets, if not then you are going to have to go somewhere else. There is a lot of nice B&B & hotels around that area.


Entrance fees, Opening times & Directions

Entrance fees and opening times change throughout the year. 

So please check these pages for – Powerscourt House & Gardens and Powerscourt Waterfall to get more informations! 

There is no need to prebook tickets, just go there between their opening hours. You can book your tickets online if that’s more convenient for you, but when we got there, there was not a single person in front of us at the counter.

Here you can also read all different ways to reach Powerscourt House & Gardens, as well as Powerscourt Waterfall. Definitely the best option is to go with car, but they also give you some other options. But keep in mind it’s not recommended to walk from the Powerscourt House & Gardens to Powerscourt Waterfall since there is not path, just narrow road. Very risky and dangerous! So don’t do that! Either go on organised tour or catch a taxi in this case.

My Overall Opinion/Experience

I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. It’s a great place to spend few hours just enjoying the beautiful Estate. If you play golf you can even do this. But I personally really enjoyed Powerscourt House & Gardens the most. Everything was in the bloom in The Gardens so it was amazing sight. First we got lost and we drove to The Powerscourt Hotel which is just amazing. I would love to stay there. Also Avoca Store is pure perfection. I want every single thing from this store. Thank god they are everywhere around Ireland.

Unfortunately we didn’t had enough time to visit Powerscourt Waterfall so I have no personal opinion on that.





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  1. Wow! What a beautiful place!

    1. admin says: Reply

      Yes it is really beautiful!

  2. Greta says: Reply

    Looks like a nice place to visit

    1. admin says: Reply

      Definitely. If you are in the area, make sure you visit it!

  3. Joanne says: Reply

    Wonderful post beautiful pics.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Thank you so much!

  4. Wow, this place looks stunning!

    1. admin says: Reply

      I agree with you! So beautiful!

  5. I used to visit Powerscourt so much when I was little! I’ve always wanted to go back. You have a lovely blog 🙂

    1. admin says: Reply

      Nice. I’m happy to hear that. It’s definitely an amazing estate!

  6. What a great article and so wonderful pictures!
    Greetings from Germany

    1. admin says: Reply

      Thank you Sigrid!

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