Overview Of My 15-Days Stay In Sanya

First time I heard of Sanya was while watching Miss World Competition in 2013. For me it was very interesting since my sisters name is also Sanja. Throughout the competition I saw all the incredible places they visited and I started thinking that I really want to visit it someday. It took me 13 years , but now I am here. I got to experience all those destinations around Hainan Island as those ladies did years ago.

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So by coincidence one day I found a post on Facebook about Sanya Hearts to Hearts Campaign organised by Sanya Tourism and it got me interested. I checked it out and I decided to apply and start competing. I took a long time to get to Sanya, but here I am now, last day in this Tropical paradise called Sanya. After several rounds of competition I made it into Final 5 contestants. I can’t even describe how thankful I am for this opportunity, it was an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for sure. So let me give you some details about what we did and what we saw!


First I have to mention our hotels. Never in my wildest dreams I imagined I would stay in such a luxurious hotels and be treated like VIP. I have to say I just loved it all. Service, hotel rooms and all amenities. Incredible!

Our first hotel was Four Points by Sheraton in Sanya Bay. It was great, everything from the rooms, to the service and food. No complaint about it! I’ve never stayed in a hotel like this before so it was overwhelming. Big bathtub just behind the glass so you could watch TV while having a bubble bath. All I had in my mind was, yes i could get used to this! We always had breakfast on 29th floor looking over Sanya Bay and Phoenix Island. Great view indeed!

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It only got better with next hotel in line, Ritz Carlton in Yalong Bay. First time I laid foot in this hotels lobby I was shocked by all the carefully picked decorations and by how big the lobby itself is. When we got into our room we had to take photos first and check everything out. This time bathroom even had TV in the wall next to the huge bathtub and the bed, the most comfortable bed I ever slept in. Also our room had view overlooking the beautiful pool that we couldn’t wait to swim in and of course I can’t forget about the incredible private beach this hotel offers.


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Next hotel was Marriott Hotel in Dadonghai Bay. This hotel offers incredible views of the bay and great pool with the same views. Once you entered you can notice so many incredible lights everywhere. I was just stunned by all the little details, art pieces and lights. I think I took photo of most of the lights in this hotel. Big spacious rooms, with great view of the bay and big comfy beds. Breakfast has a huge selection of food, something for everyone and quality is amazing.

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Last but not least our last stop was incredible Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa in Haitang Bay. When we arrived to this hotel my first thought was, this is enormous and incredible. Lobby is just out of this world. It opens up to the front and to the back of the hotel, with an incredible views of the sea and lush greenery. Service was amazing, they gave us nice handmade necklaces and they took our bags and delivered them into our rooms. As always before we had incredible view from the room, great bathroom and extremely comfy beds. Food selection is just amazing. You don’t even know where to start every morning and we also had opportunity to participate Halloween Buffet which was just crazy! Chefs and cooks took so much time to prepare all kinds of horror desserts, hamburgers and other dishes. i was great experience and live music was just cherry on top!

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So to summon up all these incredible hotels are part of SPG Group and they are all top of the top. So if you ever want to stay in luxurious hotel with great service, choose one of the many hotels in their group.


We came to Sanya as Sanya ambassadors, so we visited most of the tourist destinations. I’m gonna just name few of them and writ about them in next post!

In next few posts you will be able to read about our visit of Nanshan Cultural Zone, Sanya Zhujiang Nantian Spa, Tianya Haijiao, Romance Park, Wuzhizhou Coral Island, Luhuitou Park, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park and much more!

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Stay tuned for more!

Hello from beautiful Sanya on Hainan Island!


Brownie on the go – Nastja



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