On the way to Cuba

Finally 24th of February is here!! We were so excited. Time to fly, time off work. It’s gonna be amazing! We had so many things going through our heads.

We said our goodbyes to Daniel’s parents and off we were. After all the formalities and waiting at the airport finally we were boarding plane.


I was really worried about going to Cuba because of my visa. So to explain you briefly, I’m on working holiday visa in Canada which is single entry visa and once you try to get back to the country they can deny your entrance. I didn’t check that before i bought tickets so all i could do would be to cancel the tickets which I wasn’t planning to do. Then the second problem was, since I’m from Slovenia and we need visa for visiting Cuba I needed that, but they said at visa centre that I don’t need it. I’m still not sure why not, maybe because I am in Canada on working holiday visa or I don’t know why. I was really stressing out about it, cause I didn’t want to get denied entry. My passport is still Slovenian so nothing made sense to me. I was keep asking employees at airport and at Cuban embassy and they all said it should be fine. So all that I could do at this point was to try and see what happens.


I had no problems on Canadian airports, but I was still scared about Varadero airport. As soon as we arrived it was time for the truth!

Officers asked me sooooo many questions and I was getting even more and more scared, but guess what?! I MADE IT!! I was so relieved to be out of that airport!

Thank you Cuba, let’s see what you have to offer!




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