Mostnica Gorge And Voje Valley

For the past few years, I try to go to Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley at least once a year! They are definitely one of my favorite places in Slovenia. So peaceful and beautiful. 

Let me tell you a bit more about it …

Voje Valley

Starting point: Stara Fužina village   /    Ending point: Mostnica Waterfall

Voje valley is a glacial Alpine valley in Triglav National Park (the only national park in Slovenia). It’s situated northeast from Bohinj lake and it starts at village Stara Fužina. Valley itself was shaped by Mostnica glacier in the last ice age. There you can find also a stream called Mostnica. On its way through the valley, it created a waterfall and beautiful gorges. During spring and summer, meadows turn different colors depending what flowers are in the bloom. There are also typical Alpine cottages found on these meadows.

If you go all the way to the beginning/end of the Voje valley there is a beautiful waterfall Mostnica. Also if you get hungry or thirsty there are two places on the way.

First, after Mostnica gorge, you find Koča na Vojah(Cottage on Voje). They have the best ričet and mushroom soup, but everything else is good too! Don’t miss it out! It’s my favorite place, I walk this way always just to go and eat here.

And then just before the waterfall, there is Koča pri Slapu (Cottage at the waterfall). You can refresh here too and the food is great too.

Mostnica Gorge

Starting point: Parking lot Vorenčkojca   /   Ending point: Cottage on Voje

If you start walking from the parking lot Vorenčkojca just above Stara Fužina you will reach the beginning/end of the gorge just in few minutes. Mostnica gorge itself starts a little before Cottage on Voje and it ends at the Devils bridge. But the walk actually starts at the end of the gorge and there is a circular path so you don’t walk the same path twice.

On the way, you cross a few bridges and you can just admire what nature made. A real masterpiece. The most “famous” rock formation is the one shaped like an elephant. 


On summer days you can also take a dip in the gorge, but be careful and keep in mind that water is super cold.

  • To enter the circular path of Mostnica Gorge you have to pay an entry fee:

        – Adults: 3EUR 

– Kids from 7 – 14 years: 1,5EUR

– Kids from 0 – 6 years: Free

– Seniors and students: 2,5EUR

  • There are cheaper admission fees for groups.

  • Parking fees:

– Parking lot Vorenčkojca: 1,5EUR/hour

– If you take your car up for the day: 10EUR


  • Walking time:
  1.  From Parking lot Vorenčkojca – Mostnica Gorge – Cottage on Voje : approx. 45minutes
  2.  From Cottage on Voje – Waterfall Mostnica : approx. 45minutes
  3.  From Waterfall Mostnica – Cottage on Voje – Mostnica Gorge – Parking lot Vorenčkojca : approx. 1,5hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total length: 12km 


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