Havana or Habana?

So finally we got through airport security and screening! All we could think about it was, HOLIDAYS! We worked a lot before going to Cuba so we were really excited.

We flew to Varadero airport and then we needed to get to Havana. We had no idea how to get there so we asked every bus at airport if they can take us to Havana. Finally we found Viazul. We were so lucky cause it goes only few times a day and we got last two seats. Well, that was luck!

Viazul bus costs 10CUC per person and it takes about 3hours. You get first impression of Cuba driving with the bus. Driving through small villages and next to the coast.


We got dropped of in Old Havana or as they say Habana Vieja. As soon as you step down from bus you get attacked by all locals trying to sell you things, or people offering you to stay at their casas, or taxi drivers. We didn’t book any casas upfront so we started walking with our backpacks in search of casa for first night in Havana. It took us quiet some time cause it was already high season so most of casas were full, especially in Old Havana, but everyone is very nice and they are trying to help you find another casa.

Our first casa was expensive. We payed 35CUC for the two of us. It was really old apartment and we had to enter through hair salon. It was quite funny, but we were too tired to search for something else. We just quickly took a shower and went exploring Habana Vieja, changed some dollars to their CUC, got some coconut and finally eat some dinner in company of nice live music and rum!


After restaurant closed we were trying to find some other bar with live music, but everything was already closed which shocked us. All music stopped at around 11pm. So our first day/night was short. Let’s see what Havana has for us in next few days!

Havana or Habana?

– If you ask locals they always say Habana, but tourist say Havana! –

Havana bring it on!

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