Christmas Market in Budapest

Budapest or we could call it “Queen of Baths” is one of my absolute favourite cities! If you are fortunate enough and you’ve been there or you are going there soon you know why I say this.

I’m gonna start writing about Christmas Market in Budapest now, since Budapest itself it’s gonna get it’s own blog post or even two.


I always wanted to go to Budapest during festive December period and this year finally I realised it. Budapest is only around 3hour drive with car from my city so it’s perfect place for short weekend getaway and that’s exactly what we did, just that it wasn’t really a weekend.

If you googled Christmas Market in Budapest you probably found tons of articles and most definitely know by know that the main Christmas Market is on Vörösmarty Square in the old city centre. I gotta say this market has tons of things to offer, it blew my mind. Just a week or two before that I was in Zagreb at yet another Christmas Market, which even won Best Christmas Market two years in the row, but while it’s also very beautiful, it doesn’t offer nearly as much variety as the one in Budapest.


Here you can find anything you can think of. From beautiful christmas tree ornaments, to leather belts, to knives, warm and cosy scarves, other handmade goods and of course Hungarian Palinka (fruit brandy). We were on a hunt for apricot palinka, our favourite! It’s so hard to decide what you want or what you need! You just want everything! Especially to try hot wine at every stand!

img_3848 img_3863  img_3850img_3868  img_3877

And don’t even get me started about that delicious food. There is so many different food to order, you just can’t decide cause everything looks so delicious!! From Lángos, to Potato Pancakes, to Roasted Pork Hocks, to ginormous Hot-Dogs and so much more! Here is some photos, cause words just don’t justify it!

img_3857 img_3946 img_3959 img_3964 img_3954 img_3956

There is also another smaller but very cute market behind St. Stephen’s Basilica with big lighted Christmas Tree. You should definitely check it out.

img_4320 img_4327

Another must during Christmas period is walk down the Andrássy Avenue, which is beautiful lighted with thousands of lights on trees on left and right side of the street.


And nothing can beat walk next to Danube River in any season of the year.

Budapest is always a great idea! So do not hesitate to visit it and just do it!



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