Bring it on Havana!

Havana bring it on please! First day was a bit disappointing cause music stopped so early. All together we had 4nights in Havana so I had high hopes. First lets talk about places we’ve seen!

There is a lot of nice places to see in Havana. My favorite thing was to see all old colorful buildings and OLD CARS! Cars were by far my favorite thing in Havana. I just couldn’t stop looking at them. I’m gonna make special post just about them!


When I travel I walk everywhere. I don’t take public transport if i don’t have to. So Daniel had to walk with me everywhere, usually around 10 – 20km a day. He was not too happy about it. He is more sit and drink kind of guy. Hehe, poor Daniel, but i was on mission to see as much as I can!

So lets post places we’ve seen in Havana!


Plaza Vieja in English Old Square is main square in Old Havana. There is few bars around and a lot of nice old colonial buildings. This is where wealthy citizens lived and on this square there used to be executions, bullfights, fiestas and many other events.

Plaza is very beautiful. The most interesting and at the same time confusing is statue of bald and naked woman riding rooster with a giant fork in her hand. YES, you read right. Statue of bald and naked woman riding a rooster. Here is the photo so you can see for yourself.


It is crazy I know. If you want you can read everything about it here.

But there are also cute and colorful dog Xico statues on Plaza Vieja. Xico symbolizes friendship and cultural exchanges among peoples. They were created for Havana’s 496th birthday.

thumb_IMG_2854_1024 thumb_IMG_2872_1024

Not too far away there is El Museo del Ron Havana Club. Cubans call rum ron. So if you ask for rum they usually don’t understand so you have to use word ron! I liked museum even though tasting at the end was not what anyone expected. So you got one little cup with rum, it was enough rum to dip your tongue in it.


Entrance to the museum.


Maquette of rum production, with little train

There is also San Francisco de Asis Square


On this square is also interesting statue of two people


And Havana cruise port terminal called Terminal Sierra Maestra


One of the main attraction is Plaza de la Catedral with Havana Catedral


Bacardi building


El Capitolio used to be seat of government in Cuba until after the Cuban Revolution and is now home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences.


El Malecon



Morro Castle


La Cabaña


Cristo de la Habana


Monument of Jose Miguel Gomez


Hotel Nacional de Cuba


Plaza de la Revolucion, on the building you can see Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos. They were two most important heroes in Cuban Revolution.


Jose Marti memorial

thumb_IMG_2042_1024 thumb_IMG_2035_1024

Gran Teatro de La Habana


Parque Central


Colorful Colonial houses


Hotel Inglaterra


More photos on my Facebook page!

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